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IRS official contradicts claims about reviews

An Internal Revenue Service supervisor in Washington says she was personally involved in scrutinizing some of the earliest applications from tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status, including some requests that languished for more than a year without action. Holly Paz, who until recently was a top deputy in the division that handles ...

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IRS discouraging applications?

"Internal Revenue Service staff have a long history of discouraging applications for tax-exempt status from controversial groups by burying them in complicated questionnaires, according to former IRS officials. Among other reasons, they said, the tactic was sometimes used to persuade groups to drop their applications so the IRS could ...

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Setting Nonprofit Executive Compensation

"CEO compensation has become such a hot-button topic that several states ---including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Illinois --- have passed or are considering regulations that place limits on compensation for charity CEOs. And the IRS, the entity responsible for regulating charities at the federal ...

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IRS not enforcing rules on churches and politics

"For the past three years, the Internal Revenue Service hasn't been investigating complaints of partisan political activity by churches, leaving religious groups who make direct or thinly veiled endorsements of political candidates unchallenged. The IRS monitors religious and other nonprofits on everything from salaries to spending, ...

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